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Thread: Wooden 6x12

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    Wooden 6x12

    My newest one. Format 6x12cm, focal length 87mm, f270, compressed wood (5mm thick), winding knob and shutter knob cherrywood, magnetic shutter.
    paulbeard, this time I started with a plan! Attached files

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    Wooden 6x12

    Now the making of. I hope its not too boring.

    Attached files

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    Wooden 6x12

    The last one . It shows the leather light seal between back and corpus. And, sorry, the parts, which should have been shown first.

    Attached files

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    Wooden 6x12

    The first film wasnŽt rolled up correctly, so I hd big light stripes on it. I glued then two narrow stripes of foam rubber in the back to add more friction. The following films were rolled up correct. IŽll post examples when IŽll receive the films from the lab.

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    Wooden 6x12

    Looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing the example images.

    Pictures of cameras being made are never boring.

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    Wooden 6x12

    This looks like a wonderfully simple and elegant design. Thanks for the excellent documentation. Nice work.

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    Wooden 6x12

    hey, thanks for thinking of me! Being a novice pinholer and an absolute beginner woodworker, I need all the help I can get.

    I had planned to copy the tracings I made from the camera Ralph sent me, but this one beckons as well.

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    Wooden 6x12

    Quote Originally Posted by petronius
    Now the making of. I hope its not too boring.
    this is never boring.
    building cameras is a part of the whole pinhole process.

    nice work.

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    Wooden 6x12

    Camera looks great, and it is also good to see how it was constructed,looking forward to seeing your results.

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    Wooden 6x12

    Hello Petronius, your camera looks great, very exiting project !

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