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Thread: cobbled camera

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    cobbled camera

    Some of you might know that I work with all the pre sx70 types.

    I have converted them to 120 roll film or even cut film mostly. I've done a boat load of polaroid roll film.. even more of the packfilm ie 250 ect... what I could never make work with was the 80 models. I'm not sure anyone has since they are generally considered dogs.

    Well yesterday was a boring saturday and I just got a tourist in to use the lens on my 2x3 view cam. The lens was trashed so I decided to see if I could fix it. While in the process, I pulled down my old handy dandy polaroid model 80,,, I removed the lens from the eighty and temporarily stuck a graflex back on it. To my shock and dismay the infinity focus was perfect without any major tampering.

    The model 80 sports a 100mm lens. Most other folders are 105 So if you just remove the polaroid crap lens, cement the bellows to the lens board, then cement the 105 lens to the the front and a graflex rollfilm holder to the rear, you have a perfectly workable little folder 120 camera.

    Why bother you ask and rightly so. The polaroid has the best bellows bar none. The tourist might be second but it is definitely a 620 camera not much wiggle room in it. So this way you can get a tough camera body probably a lifetime bellows and its cheap. If you can find a 105 lens attached to a beat up camera you can probably get it cheap as well.

    By the way the lens works fine now and it is still on the model 80 not sure what im going to do about a lens for the 2x3... I'm thinking I might build a really elegant little 120 from a model 80b and one of the 105 folder lenses that had x sync. I have a good graflex back just waiting for the right camera. that might be the one.

    It would be nice to have a one of a kind retro looking camera with x sync, and a solid lens, and frame.

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    cobbled camera

    here is a picture of it

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