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Thread: Breath. Lith print

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    Breath. Lith print

    Zeroimage 2000. Lith-print on Forte Fortezo, selenium toned

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    Breath. Lith print

    now that's really very interesting !!!

    I like it

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    Breath. Lith print

    Look out, cnme, Anastasia is encroaching on your territory. This is a wonderful shot.

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    Breath. Lith print

    I like the title, fits the image nicely.

    Very nice work!

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    Breath. Lith print

    Now this IS nice - lovely atmosphere and very delicate!

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    Breath. Lith print

    This is really nice. It looks like a combo of Gum and Bromoil printing. It's a very nice effect. The disappearing stairs just draw you up into the light.

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    Breath. Lith print

    Wow! The subtlety of the tones and tints of the lith process is amazing.

    Breath? It does seem to breathe -- then dissipate into the light.


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    Breath. Lith print

    There is so much *room* in this print-- room to breathe!

    I love the delicate pinks, too, and the way it looks like an etching, maybe a proof print that wasn't quite right, but was better than the intended image after all.

    Not to suggest this is accidental -- we know your work well enough to understand how intentional and deliberate this is!
    Thank you for posting it here!

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