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Thread: Testing flash exposure

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    Testing flash exposure

    This is my first attempt using flash with a pinhole. I borrowed my daughters toy railway (a christmas present by the way) for the test. Using a medium power flash (guide number around 30(m) @ ISO100), I estimated that about 10 flashes at some 25cm distance would do the trick. Since pinhole pictures often seem to come out somewhat underexposed, I fired the flash 25 times from various positions... 50mm on a 4x5 gives a pretty wide angle, and the flash itself was included a few times - not intentional, but I sort of liked it, so I didn't crop. Stand developed in rodinal 1+150 for 1 hour (J&C pro 100).

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    Testing flash exposure

    wow- the multiple appearance of the flash is my favorite part of this surreal experience. so this is what "first contact" will look like! (klaatu barada nikto...)

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    Testing flash exposure

    And only with a pinhole can you take a picture that includes the flash and NOT have the flash completely blocked up; this one shows detail of the lens in front of the tube!

    I like how the varying flash position gives a more even, "outdoors" feeling to the light. Just think, for only $2000 you could buy the flash equipment needed to do that with a single pop... :P

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    Testing flash exposure

    Very nice tone and resolution, can you tell us about your pinhole?

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    Testing flash exposure

    Thanks for your comments. The camera is a homebuildt wooden (plywood) box taking standard 4x5 film holders. The pinhole is made from a piece of sheet aluminium from a tea candle (is that the correct term by the way?). The pinhole is made by a thin needle, sanded with 600 paper, and finally measured and checked with a flatbed scanner.

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