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Thread: Graflex Pinhole Camera

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    Graflex Pinhole Camera

    Graflex Pinhole Camera:

    A couple of years ago, I bought a Graflex 4x5 on eBay for the Polaroid back on it and parts (missing back focusing assembly with glass and bellows was damaged). I had also not too long ago seen this camera with black leather removed from body and refinished, believe the wood is mahogany. The other piece of the puzzle was seeing on f295, Eightbanners camera with T shutter. So to make a long story short, below are pictures of nearly completed project.

    The focal length is approximately 50mm and I retained the Graflok back for the flexibility of using a number of accessories. Pictured with the camera is a 6x12, 120 roll film back.

    I have posted the first roll of film under Black and White Pinhole Photographs. Attached files

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    Graflex Pinhole Camera

    How do you like the Eightbanners shutter?
    I was thinking about using it on my Delrin cam.
    How does it operate?
    Ps very nice camera.

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    Graflex Pinhole Camera

    Rory, I had earlier taken a look at your camera and am very impressed with your work.

    The Eightbanners shutter is very simple and when used with their pinhole set, very functional. The shutter is also very thin for wide angle applications. It is however awkward with separate open and close levers. With wide angle my large fingers get in the way, see my photos posted in pinhole section. There is no provision for shutter release, I now use a stick to gently open and close shutter, crude and second roll when developed will see if technique is effective. Would be very hard to take short exposures and on bright sunny day in the snow, and I am having problems with minimizing camera shake. With all of that said,,, given your capabilities and if you have an old shutter around, I would remove lens elements and use lens retaining ring to hold pinhole. I have done this, may be limiting depending on depth of shutter with wide angle, but you have shutter release and simple operation. And depending on your configuration, can also add filters. A. Adams did this and had pinholes machined. If I recall properly, pictured in The Camera, first of his three book series on photography.

    Hope this is helpful.

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