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Thread: Through the fence

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    Through the fence

    This chain link fence is no match for the graffiti vandals that have defaced this old mill building. Photographed on New Year's Day.

    Plywood 4x5 60mm f180, Ilford HP5, 4 seconds exposure, HC-110b. Attached files

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    Through the fence

    I am always trying to shoot through the fence... I like this fence!

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    Through the fence

    Great image, Ralph. I don't comment nearly enough on all your nice images; you seem to have really found the sweet spot with your plywood cameras and HP5. As Marv indicated on the other post, you're off to a great start for 2007.

    I'm fond of these kinds of images, with urban decay, and text, etc.

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    Through the fence

    I'm with Joe on urban decay - there is something intriguing about what was there.
    You captured it quite nicely with the shot through the fence.
    Technically I like the tonal range.

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    Through the fence

    Yeah, so much for warnings, huh?
    The slight wonkiness of the horizon and the shadows and harsh reflections give this a nice edginess!
    Good one, Ralph!

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