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Thread: 'primitive photography' 8x10- mine lea

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    'primitive photography' 8x10- mine lea

    jim: yeah i'm hoping the painting will reduce the amount of light, but i don't think it's going to solve it completely, especially when the camera is at full extension. i did buy some velvet for the 'hood' to throw over my head, at the same time i bought the felt. i'll give that consideration too. however i wasn't planning to put the material in between the sliding surfaces, as i don't think there's enough room...too big a gap, but too small for that! i was going to attach it and have it hang over from the rear section, so that the edge drags along the middle section when it opens and closes. sort of like a curtain.

    joe, thanks for the links. the camera i've made is actually of three sections. the middle section fits inside the front and rear sections. perhaps a two-section design would have been better, but i'm building strictly from the instructions since this is my first time. i see your point though!

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    'primitive photography' 8x10- mine lea

    All I can add is a reminder that light bounces but doesn't bend. Krylon Ultra Flat Black or similar paint could mitigate bounced light to acceptable levels. I've never managed to make KUFB look very nice but it's great for interior surfaces. When internal reflections are under control, it's just a matter of preventing straight-line leaks.

    You could use a foam gasket on the ends of the middle section to block ligght at the corners. The advantage would be that the material wouldn't "round over" leaving a corner exposed. A disadvantage would be that a gasket would be hard to keep in place when the outer boxes are sliding outward.

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    'primitive photography' 8x10- mine lea

    derevaun is absolutely right about painting the interior with Krylon Ultra Flat Black paint. it can make a huge difference in the seriousness of a light leak if it doesn't totally fix it to begin with. whenever i undertake a project i make sure i have a fairly full can. i also have used black silicone gasket to seal certain areas that proved to be less light-tight than i thought they would be. also, Jim's suggestion of velvet vs. felt is a good idea. velvet might well be more long-lasting than felt in your case.

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    'primitive photography' 8x10- mine lea

    thanks all. i had plans to spray the inside with ultra flat, which i've done. unfortunately this light leak is a straight shot, no reflection required. so it'll require some material in front of it. once the paint is dry, i will try constructing some sort of curtain for the edges, probably on the inside (maybe outside too). i'm actually already using the black silicone to keep the middle section together. but it's not going to work at this gap in question, because the gap is where the two sections slide across each other.

    btw, i've got 'velveteen', not real velvet. i didn't see spending double on a piece of cloth i'm going to occasionally throw over my head. i'll have to compare the felt vs velveteen and see what's going to work best.

    i'll post with an update. and perhaps some pictures, as my four year old has taken a keen interest, and insisted on helping paint the outside in lots of colors.

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    'primitive photography' 8x10- mine lea

    pictures of the project so far can be seen here:

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    'primitive photography' 8x10- mine lea

    it works! here's more info on the pinhole side of f295, since these pictures were taken using a pinhole instead of a lens.

    btw, i seem to have fixed the light leak i was worried about, using strips of felt both inside and out. I've got other light-leak problems instead, involving the darkslide, but these are surmountable.

    thanks for everyone's help! now to build some lenses....

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