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Thread: Cherrywood 4X5

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    Cherrywood 4X5

    Just finished this up, still need to try it out before it goes to it's new home. It passed the light leak test so hopefully I can try it this weekend.

    4X5 Cherrywood, 70mm F200 Attached files

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    Cherrywood 4X5

    She's a beaut! Very very...shall I go on... Nice!

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    Cherrywood 4X5

    Gorgeous! Not only beautiful wood and precise woodworking, but the formed spring steel is also impressive. Would you mind letting us in on your methods for forming the springs and fittings?

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    Cherrywood 4X5

    Is there a groundglass in that frame?

    Heck, the camera is gorgeous!

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    Cherrywood 4X5

    Wow! Absolutely beautiful workmanship. Well done.

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    Cherrywood 4X5

    What a beautiful camera. I too would be interested to know your method for producing the sprung back.


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    Cherrywood 4X5

    Hi Thats a truly great camera, I realy like the spring back. Sorry you couldn't get any plane sawn Sapele. I have a bit you could get a 5x4 camera out of if your interested. I dont know what the postage would be to the states, but probably not that much. send me a PM (the peice is definatly worth it).

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    Cherrywood 4X5

    Well what else can I say? Admiration for fine workmanship is the least that I can express, If you are 1/2 as good in photography as in woodworking you have a bright future. I am looking at my foam-core, bid-up, sad looking lot of 4x5's and frankly I am at a loss for words while scratching by bold head. Thank you for showing us your work. delio

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    Cherrywood 4X5

    Thanks for all of the comments, I am kind of proud of this one.

    The springs were the most difficult part of the camera.

    The short version is: judicious application of heat, burnt fingers, lots of swearing, some bending, cut fingers, some hammering, mashed fingers, more swearing and a bit of luck.

    I will post a more detailed account in a seperate thread soon.

    No groundglass, just a wood panel.

    Mark G
    Thanks for the offer of wood, but an out of state friend found some for me and I will pick it up from him this Spring.

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    Cherrywood 4X5

    Wonderful work!
    Thank you for showing this!


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