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Thread: build a 127 camera

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    build a 127 camera

    I can give a dozen reasons why I built this camera and none would be any good to you. So let me just say I made a 127 camera with a really good lens that isn't expensive to build and has x sync. I have 400' of 46mm portrait 400 kodak film. Which is what is inside a 127 roll film. So I got a boat load of film for my one yashika tlr camera.

    I really wanted something a little less cumbersom than the tlr, but still have a really good lens and shoot x sync.,, Tall order. I simple could not find anything. I tried a couple of cameras one of them should have been great. Revere made a 127 monster camera but it just couldnt sync on x. The lens wasn't really very good either since it was a low cost production model.

    I bought a speedex 6x6 planning to use the film as a 645 by lining it on one edge of the role and masking off the opening. I found very quickly that I couldn't read the number though the red curtain. Plus the camea seemed to have a leak.

    As a last ditch effort, I scabbed the speedex lens (with x sync) onto the revere body. I did a ground glass focus on it just to get the infinity focus right and now I'm waiting to test it once the construction adhesive sets. Probably tomorrow would be my guess.

    So what you need to make one is a $10 revere eyematic, an ansco 17 speedex with flash, a tube of construction glue and you are ready to go. Really simple build. I'll add picture if anyone is interested

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    build a 127 camera

    the ricoh super ricohflex had an option to put either a 35mm or 127 insert in it, converting it from 120 format. still a TLR, which i guess is the wrong direction for you. i've got a super ricohflex but without any of the alt-film inserts.

    hey, want to sell some of that 46mm film? i haven't tried color in my yashica 44 yet, and was going to slit down some 120 for it one day. haven't gotten around to it yet.

    oh sorry, i see you've already built this. i misread your post, thinking you were asking for ideas on 127 kludges.

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    build a 127 camera

    there is some 46mm film on sale on ebay now I am looking at it but be my guest.. 100 feet will go for less than 20bucks im sure with shipping included. If you have spools you can make your own paper from cut down 120 paper.

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    build a 127 camera

    thanks, i'll check it out!

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    build a 127 camera

    I have been testing this mutha ALL day . The more I test the more that goes wrong. I'm gonna strip the lens and use it on something else.

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