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Thread: Homemade 8x10 with copy lens

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    Homemade 8x10 with copy lens

    sounds like we have some things in common.

    i from time to time shoot an Ansco 3A with paper negatives. i cut some film 'backing' from DVD cases, which i have access to, and use it to keep the paper straight. i just tape paper to the plastic and insert them into the camera one at a time. changing paper is a pain in the changing bag, and it takes me about five minutes or so. you can see the results here:

    also, i recently bought a 4x5 as i mentioned. along with a 'proper' lens, i pulled off a lens and shutter from another Ansco 3A, made a lens board for it out of plywood, and just tested it today at lunch in the park. it works! got some swirlies going on around the edges too, which is fun. since it's perhaps pertinent to the forum, here's the test shot using a Calumet Cambo 45N, with Ansco 3A lens and shutter, on a homemade lensboard. exposure was 1/100 at f/5.6 approximately.

    edit: btw, this is on proper film, not paper. although there's no reason i can't shoot paper in a 4x5 if i'm feeling frisky.

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    Homemade 8x10 with copy lens

    yes i have a 3a mint lens on my graflex board the optima lens is back in the little plastic bag. I love me 3a lens. I haven't shot it in a while so I guess I need to get out and do it.

    It's hard to image what a change that little camera caused. It was around for the great san fran earth quake. Because of it more than anything else the quake was the most reported natural disaster in history. Every small town newspaper in the country could afford a 3a and with the huge roll film negative they could have as good a picture as the big guys without the hassle of a view camera.

    The one i canibalized the lens from was off ebay.. the man who was selling of course knew nothing about antique cameras so he said it was broken. couldnt get it open. Made it useless as a show piece so i bought it for about 20 bucks. I opened it and found to my surprise that the original owner must have broken the mechanics of the camera body on the first roll of film. He didnt read the directions either. Forced it shut to never open again.

    The lens springs and glass are exactly as the left the camera in 1920 or so. I have shot it on the graflex several times and it is a marvel.

    I shoot my paper negatives in film holders too lazy to change them in a bag. But i make a lot of my own cameras from a 250 alum body off a polaroid 250 with ziese range finder. As long as the new lens going on is 120mm or longer it can me made to line up. then building a cut film back is super easy. A few holder off ebay and you can shoot paper or cut film all day. Makes it a lot more simple than changing bags in the field.

    One of my old paper negs not sure which lens though..

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    Homemade 8x10 with copy lens

    nice image. was it hand colored?

    i actually bought what i thought was a broken 3A recently (would have made three of them), because it had a ground glass back on it. bad news: it turned out to be a 3, not a 3A. more bad news, camera was in worse shape than advertised. good news, when i find a working 3, i'm in business. that's a more standard size of 3x4 (and change), and i think the 3x4 film holders i see on ebay might fit it. at least that's my hope.

    i've contemplated building a film back for the 3A, even just something simple that didn't involve a gr glass, but it's not a priority. too many other fun projects!

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    Homemade 8x10 with copy lens

    I dont build ground glass into my backs. instead I make an insert about the thickness od the film holder... to film distance.. I cut a hole in it then add a bit of foggy plastic to focus and compose with. I cut a large hole in the actual film back so I can focus through the back. Works great and costs nothing.. I have a ton of 3x4 holders. I'll be happy to send you one so you can check for fit. Might not be light tight but you can check to see if it fits.

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    Homemade 8x10 with copy lens

    would you? that'd be great, thanks very much! i'll send you a PM.

    as for your glassless back idea, that's cool! since you're building the back anyway, you can put a hole in it if you want.

    it's sort of like the method i use on my homemade 8x10. the 'ground glass' is another film holder, but with a sheet of velum paper in between instead of film/photo paper. everything goes between two sheets of glass (stop me if i described this already). so there's no functional difference between the focusing holder and a film holder. i stare through the back of it, like you're doing.

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    Homemade 8x10 with copy lens

    email me your address and ill ship you one this weekend.

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    Homemade 8x10 with copy lens

    i sent you a PM with my address. did you get it?

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    Homemade 8x10 with copy lens

    Would you mind sharing what brand and surface of paper you used?

    Thanks, Terry

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