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Thread: Pittsburgh Freight Train

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    Pittsburgh Freight Train

    Like Marv says, two different, but very valid interpretations of the same subject matter. Marv and I photograph together often (sunday AM walkabouts) and seldom came back with the same picture in each camera.

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    Pittsburgh Freight Train

    cool - great to meet you both this past weekend. Like the ghosted train image. Too bad the one with the filter is hard to see - maybe some photoshop lightening. Love the panning. WIll have to try that sometime. It makes for a very active image which is the essence of the zooming train.

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    Pittsburgh Freight Train

    Great photos guys!
    Daryl, yours must be one of the best executed pan shots ever.
    Earl, the ghost train shot marries good composition with a terrific pinhole see-through quality.

    I never cease to be excited by the images on f295. Thanks for posting.

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    Pittsburgh Freight Train

    Great shots!!! Sounds like a lot of fun.

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    Pittsburgh Freight Train

    I could spend entire days making train pinholes
    your results are amazing ! both ways to see it !
    weel done
    stay making train photographs :-)
    Every pinhole photographer needs more than one passing train image

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    Pittsburgh Freight Train

    I like all three!
    The 2nd one has it's own thing going in the darkness, and Daryl's is just out there!. I didn't know we were allowed to move the camera...

    Great work guys!

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    Pittsburgh Freight Train

    I finally got around to developing all of my images from Pittsburgh. This image makes me want to shoot nothing but Tech Pan all the time.

    Same image as above, but without the train, and with a suitable exposure (with red filter). Attached files

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    Pittsburgh Freight Train

    Gotta love that sky! Nice one.

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