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Thread: Growing old..

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    Growing old..

    I would like to think this is a function of growing older not growing stupid. Just in case it's growing old I share this with you. If it's just me growing stupid .... never mind.

    Some of you might know, and others might find out now, that I built a lot of cameras using the polaroid 250. Some of them were simi few so that I could take advantage of a lenes that wouldn't infinity focus on the frome. When I made the simi views the range finder became obsolete. So keep in mind I have a box of ziese range finder laying about.

    I switched to building camera on the ansco pioneer body. For this I have been using lenses from the ansco speekex and the kodak tourist. So I needed a range finder. I put and adv on here to buy one and Murry, who may or may not have remembered that I build with the polaroids, mentioned using a polaroid rangefinder.

    My first reaction was duh, I'm a complete idiot for not having thought of that. My second reaction was I really am getting old. Third was to ask for suggestions before I go buy something.

    I had installed on one of the pioneers a ziese polaroid finder as a viewfinder. I just never thought to run a wire over to the range finder lever until i began seeing it in a different light.

    I fixed two. I made the ziese one on the camera active, and I fixed a free standing one I had laying about, I have to calibrate them today which wont be a big problem. So thanks Murry, and Next time I'll just make a post asking for help.

    When I get the 'for ebay only' digital camera downstairs, I'll make a shot of the pioneer build.

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    Growing old..

    Glad that worked.

    I already lost my RF somewhere in the garage. :

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    Growing old..

    I pulled off the little view finder I was using and stuck on the giants I have now thanks to you. Once you stuck it in my mind it was easier to use them on cam than I thought. A little jb weld and a paper clip and it works fine. now i need to find something cool for the end of the paper clip. If i run across a metal bead that might be cool.

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