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Thread: wanted empty 3x4 Pola/Fuji packs

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    wanted empty 3x4 Pola/Fuji packs

    whatever the exact size is...sorry to list here, thought it would be seen here. I'll move to "Wanted" if recommended.

    Super Shooter (8X and 10X series dual format, right?) back lopped off with bandsaw.

    Need a couple empties to put ground glass in for checking back alignment.



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    wanted empty 3x4 Pola/Fuji packs

    Murry I dont have any but those things are no more than the thickness of a piece of roof flashing. I dont think they even had any bends in them. I would think a piece of a cereal box would be just about the same thickness as one of those. If you just want to check the finity focus.

    You planning to put a "real" lens on the front of a polaroid. Of all the things I never did that is one of them.

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    wanted empty 3x4 Pola/Fuji packs

    Hey , another eye-opener.

    You're right. I just tossed a 600 empty pac k because it wouldn't fit. It's in the trash cart with cat litter, so there it stays. I don't think anyone's going to volunteer to help me withTHAT problem.

    I ran a Super Shooter or whatever it was thru a bandsaw to keep the back. Last time I used a Dremel cutoff wheel - what a disaster - I think I inhaled half of it.

    I'm going to try a temporary Polaroid back on A) Medalist II and B) Ketch's Holga, if I can get it to work on either.

    I'm afraid it may not to possible to reach the film plane where it is, and thus have some focus offset (maybe slight macro for Holga or lookup table for RF-correction on the other). My 620-120 hack conversion on the Medalist is taking too long & I'd like to do something else with it meanwhile.

    Thanks for the reality check.


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