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Thread: A Friend's 4x5 100mm Pinhole

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    A Friend's 4x5 100mm Pinhole

    I met a retired colleague and fellow photo nutcase over lunch last Friday. I was soooo proud to share my images that I recently printed and was tucking into a all natural no hormone no corn fed pig sausage when Don pulled out his newly created 4x5 pinhole. I nearly dropped my dentures. And I don't wear dentures. Well, not yet, at least.

    Don left the software engineering community a little too gleefully. But who could blame him? It's a rough industry if you're in the wrong end of things. After leaving the company, Don started taking classes on metal working. He already had decades of wood working experience. Don enjoyed making things in wood as a hobby and had applied some level of talent into making a very nice 120 format 3D viewer.

    So when Don shared his new pinhole, I knew I needed to grab an image or two to share here. With his kind permission, here are images, not only of his camera, but taken with his camera. Here's Don.

    Don made the "shutter" from brass by hand. It is so nicely finished that the "shutter" mechanism is felt backed using black material. No light passes this "shutter" until Don moves the "shutter" out of the way. Simply amazing! The level of workmanship is quite outstanding.

    Here are two images that Don took using Ilford HP5+. There was a bit of reciprocity failure and his negs were a little under-exposed. He bumped the contrast a bit, but didn't "sharpen" them. Don sent them to me and threw them onto a Linux system (Ubuntu - dudes!) and used the Gimp. I used a Lith tone tint sample to overlay Don's images. That's where the warm tones come from. Hopefully Don will forgive my fiddling with his work a bit.

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    A Friend's 4x5 100mm Pinhole

    Lovely camera indeed! Nice metalwork and nice joinery!

    Nice images too. I prefer the perspective of the upper image, and I think your tinting worked well.

    Drop in more often, and have Don visit too. The more crazies the merrier!

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