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Thread: Diy 6x17 camera!

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    Diy 6x17 camera!

    My first Diy camera project are now in beta stage (First photo session tryout performed)
    Anyhow I also have my first Scannercamera under construction and I must say this kind of
    hobby is pure fun!

    If you care, please be free to have a look at my Diy Photo website to watch my project.

    Regards/ Stefan ;D

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    Diy 6x17 camera!

    Very nice! I like that focuser and the aluminum looks cool. Be sure to post some results.

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    Diy 6x17 camera!

    I have now updated my website with some more image examples taken with the Diy 6x17 camera.
    I have used Fuji NPS160 and Ilford 100 delta for those test images.


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    Diy 6x17 camera!

    You're getting some very nice results, Stefan. How are you focusing? I saw the nice job you did on the focusing mechanism, but what is your reference? With no ground glass nor rangefinder, do you have the knob calibrated?

    I also like the idea of using a video wide-angle adapter for a viewfinder. I never thought of that.

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    Diy 6x17 camera!

    Well at the moment I have adjusted the focus for hyper focal at F22 by the use of an home made ground glas in combination with this method Ref: witch works just fine.
    Anyhow a scale for my focusing mechanism is under construction and I hope to be able to combine it with a depth of field scale.

    / Stefan

    By the way I also have an scanner camera on the way, I must say this is fun!
    I will publish some teasers this week at my homepage soooooo keep coming back
    to fore more DIY Gear :0)

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    Diy 6x17 camera!

    Project site now updated to 6 (six) pages!

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    Diy 6x17 camera!


    You are making some very impressive progress! The 6x17 camera turned out really nice and the image that your friend Leif took is excellent with great detail.

    The scanner camera is amazing. I look forward to additional results.

    Great stuff!

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