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Thread: Another Scannercamera project :0)

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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    I have just started up the project.
    But I have already published the first page and some first test images.
    I have also found some interesting software to use in conjunction with a scanner camera.
    This is pure fun ;D

    Regards/ Stefan

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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    Wow, success! It looks great, and you are definitely having fun with it. Keep us posted on your refinements, but this is very impressive already!

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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    Thank you for posting this, and congratulations on getting it to work! You are putting together a very good website, please continue to document your work. I am very interested in the software you are using and will download when I have the time. Also thank you for your reference to my work.

    jvh (John Van Horn)

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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    Looks good, Stefan.

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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    I'm wondering... Is the Lide 600F close enough in mechanical design to substitute for a Lide 60 or Lide 70? 'Cause I've got an opportunity to snatch up a locally-owned 600F for about $45. If so, might make for an interesting version of scannercam.


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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    At that price buy it :0)
    It is fun to experiment you lern things!
    It is basically the same scanner so I guess it should work.
    Anyhow I have not tried it.
    Your initial test should be without any major modifications (Just mask the glass and put a lens in front and make a prescan to seeif the scanner operates normaly)
    It would be interesting to see how it act together with Vuescan.
    I think that it could be an advantage to use this scanner over the ones I tried (Lide25, Lide60, Lide70)
    Because it has film scanning capability, witch means that it is normal for this scanner to operate with light source of.
    There is no Linux sane support for this scanner Ref:

    And please share your experiences with me and others at my forum!

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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    If I decide to buy it - and I am leaning that way as I need to replace my older Epson 1250 anyway, although after I buy one I might decide I don't want to ruin it for general scanning use - I will certainly let everyone know how it turns out.

    I have a question. You listed the EFT tools but at their website, I can't seem to figure out how to buy/download EFT. I get the generic info page and can move to the individual samples of what the various tools do, but I gotta ask, am I overlooking some button or link?


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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    As I said you don't have to modify your scanner to evaluate the potability to transfer it to an scanner camera!
    Just mask the glass and put a lens at the right distance to the glass an see if it works!

    Keep on DIY

    EFT tools

    You have to e-mail them to get the registered version!

    DVP Technologies Ltd. 2 Kaplan St., Tel-Aviv, Israel
    Tel.: 972-3-6091911, fax: 972-3-6091910,

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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    For me , problem is to have a mobil computer. Thats why I am looking for a scanner operating and recording circuit. Than I found at micro sar thesis and papers - hidden in their library and deep google -that they use microcomputers and some microchips to record the scanner output.
    Than I saw at a computer fair that someone was operating a pc mainboard , powersupply and harddisk outside of the hardcase. These operation makes a very thin and small computer made from normal pc hardware.
    They sell very little chinese generators and anyone can operate a computer - i think linux - which adjustable to operate without computer screen but with commands of scanner.
    I hope this helps who have will to buy a donkey and climb to the mountains

    Best ,

    Mustafa Umut Sarac

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    Another Scannercamera project :0)

    Scanner camera project now slightly updated.
    Making a camera bellows pictures and description added.
    The camera body construction is also on its way.

    Have fun I will

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