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Thread: self sitting

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    self sitting

    Finding things to do while I'm stuck waiting for the next round of surgery, going through my negatives files and rescanning, cleaning up, and preparing for a bout of pt/pt printing in the summer if I can... uncovered a few images I'd completely forgotten about from last year. This is one of them, a self portrait from last spring.

    This was probably 2 minutes of exposure, on 4x5" ADOX 400, in an HCW camera. It always leaks, but sometimes it leaks nicely. Developed in HC-110(B) for, um, whatever time I developed it. My neg-notebook got horribly waterlogged in a minor domestic disaster. Attached files

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    self sitting


    Good luck in your upcoming medical procedurdes. This image is like all of your images - wonderful. I hope that you come out of your upcoming stuff hale and hearty and ready for action.

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    self sitting

    Beautiful and enigmatic, as ever!
    Thinking of you throughout the summer.....

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    self sitting

    That picture is wonderfully executed, the composition is excellent.
    You have my best wishes.

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    self sitting

    That picture is wonderfully and excellent.

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    self sitting

    very nice shot
    the slight movement works well and the viewer is led to wonder what you're thinking. there's no Mona Lisa smile but there's a certain mystery there that asks some questions.

    good luck in surgery

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    self sitting

    Wonderful image! Also recently visited your site and it was wonderful to see more of your work and read your blog.

    All the Best!!!

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    self sitting

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    self sitting


    Glad to see you posting again. Hope all is going well.

    I especially like the "anchor" of the few defined lines in the chair back -- makes the portrait seem the more ethereal.

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    self sitting

    Nice image with an edgy feel, It looks to me like you are getting ready to do some serious damage to something / someone .
    Just visited Slowlight. Spectacular, i especially like Balancing Act and Self Portraits and ... Well all of it really. Truly original pictures.

    Good Luck, Hope the surgery goes OK.

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