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Thread: Double Doors

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    Double Doors

    Visited the historic mining town of Silver City, ID, on Thursday with a couple of pals. It's a couple of hours' drive from Boise, and a lot of dusty road, but worth the effort. During the week and early in the summer there are only a few people there. A photographer's paradise! I backed away from the subject as far as I could without stepping off the porch-- a couple of feet drop! Love that wide-angle!
    The 80mm handmade camera, f220 (still love it, Ralph!). Ilford Delta 100, 42 sec, developed in Rodinol 1+25 for 10 min (1 minute too long by mistake, but this neg was OK. The other one fried...)
    Added some warm tone in PSE with Nik Color Efex. Attached files

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    Double Doors

    Tone Tone Tone!... Beautiful, The symmetry works here,
    thought it was a mirror image at first. Nice work!

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    Double Doors

    cool.... I like the lace curtains and the reflections in the glass

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    Double Doors

    Great tones and framing, Mary. I would wager that this would make a terrific print. Well done.

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    Double Doors

    Great, only thing I can add to above comments is the wonderful texture.

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    Double Doors

    Thank you very much! I agree with the other comments and can only add: I love it!


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    Double Doors

    Lovely shot skilfully visualized and masterly done, I love it. Fried a negative? That is colorful, can I use the expression I have a lot of these? delio

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    Double Doors

    Classic American West architcetuer and construction. I wonder if the builders anticipated their handiwork would still be servicable (100) years later.

    It is the subtle differences I find intriguing: the threshold with slats and panels and door mats and not, one door handle high and one low, and the almost perfect match of the curtains.

    Seems like you can rarely have too wide an angle camera along, I think thisone was just right. Can anyone say, Carbon Print.....hint, hint, nod, nod, wink, wink...say no more.....

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    Double Doors

    This one is lovely, Mary. The framing is terrific - I like the triangles top and bottom. And everything said above.

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    Double Doors

    Very nice. The symmetry seems to invite close inspection of the difference in details.

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