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Thread: My Simple UV Box

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    My Simple UV Box

    Some time ago I put together a simple UV exposure box for printing cyanotypes.
    I wanted to keep things cheap and simple.
    What I came up with is a large plastic utility box and three 18inch UV tubes.

    Here you see the tubes mounted on handi-board.

    The lights are suspended at an adjustable hight above the bottom of the plastic box by chains and hooks.

    I can hold the lights up out of the box using the all chains on one side.

    Lights, chemicals and print frames all fit in the box for storage when not in use.

    I confess I made one miscalculation...the box is about 3/4 of an inch too small at the bottom to accomodate my 11x14 print frame. So, I've put smaller plastic storage boxes (used to store chemicals and materials) at the bottom of the box to raise the frame to a point where the box is wide enough to handle it. An ever so slightly larger box would have been better.

    I suspend the lights about 9 inches above the print frame. The light is even enough for 11x14 prints.

    Total cost of the project was $85, the majority of which was taken up by the fixtures and tubes.

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    My Simple UV Box

    Impressive! What are your average exposure times?

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    My Simple UV Box

    Quote Originally Posted by scheimfluger_77
    Impressive! What are your average exposure times?
    You know...I had to put it in storage a couple of months ago in preparation for I haven't used it recently.
    I'm thinking somewhere between 30 and 40 minute range (lord, I hope I have some notes somewhere).

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    My Simple UV Box

    Do you diffuse the light in any way, or do you not have trouble with hot spots?

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    My Simple UV Box

    The light seems to be even enough that I don't have a problem.
    One time I put a small print frame too far to once side instead of having it centered and I had a problem, but otherwise it seems to work fine.

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