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Thread: 360-degree pinhole camera

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    360-degree pinhole camera

    Hello again,

    Thought I'd show my 360-degree pinhole camera. Fairly simple design, six holes, all conveniently located for me by the design of the tin (given to me full of caramel popcorn by my brother at Christmas), The interior shot shows a tall roll film developing tank, inverted, around which would be taped a sheet of ultra thin fiber printing paper serving as the paper negative. The six pinholes should be approximately the same size (hard to do, and mine are not) because any deviation shows up fairly noticeably on the finished contact print, even with dodging. Exposures in the studio, with one flood-light suspended over the camera, are typcally 3-4 hours! Outdoor shots are difficult when the sun is shining, but okay in slight shade or overcast.
    I also include a close-up of the 'shutter" design and an example of a print.
    Feel free to contact me with questions or observations. (This is also posted on the Alt forum)

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    360-degree pinhole camera


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    360-degree pinhole camera

    looks uber_cool to me.... you should be posting the final images nice and big in their own threads!

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    360-degree pinhole camera

    The picture looks great.
    I have had several goes myself at designing a similar camera for film but never been able to solve all the problems. If you need any pinholes send me a private message & I can put some 0.010" holes drilled in 0.003" foil in the post for you.

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    360-degree pinhole camera

    The picture looks wonderful, lovely grain and a satisfyably unfathomable image. I'd like to see it bigger too.

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    360-degree pinhole camera

    Remembers me a little bit of the camera of Chuck Flagg, the WPPD education coordinator.
    More details here: Attached files

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