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Thread: Hula Bike as salt-print

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    Hula Bike as salt-print

    OK, so over in the Cyanotype area I posted pretty much this same image. But of course, as a Cyanotype. Here it is a salt print.

    Used a simple Gold Chloride / Borax toner.

    120 size FomaPan 100 in Rolleflex -> Jobo and R09 (1+40) -> Print on Ilford MGIV RB matte (Dektol 1:2) -> tone in selenium 1:3 5 minutes -> scan print -> edit scan in The Gimp to create new negative (spot, crop and curve) -> print on OHP with craptacular HP all-in-one -> coat Diploma Parchment w/ salt solution (Kosher salt, potassium citrate, Knox gelatin), then 12% AgNO3 -> expose on UV box for 20 minutes (I think, didn't bring notes along) -> share.

    Isn't this simple! ;D Attached files

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    Hula Bike as salt-print

    Interesting comparison between the salt print and the cyanotype. I assume you used the same negative for both? The cyanotype seems to have a little more depth,...this one looks a bit flat on my monitor.
    But it's a fun photo and both are good prints. Thanks for the detailed documentation! I'd like to try the diploma parchment sometime.

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    Hula Bike as salt-print

    I think most f the "depth of color" disparity has to do with my craptacular all-in-one printer/scanner. Side by side under good light, they have comparable detail. But because of the nature of the beast, the cyanotype is more "saturated" in its color.

    Same negative, yes. And like I said, an inexpensive inkjet printer/scanner. HP PSC 1410V I got at Wally-world when my last printer went belly-up. Just needed something simple for the occasional print job at home but the price was too good to ignore ($80-ish) and it meant I could eliminate the scanner from the desk top. Old scanner was nothing special either.

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