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    New Camera

    Since I haven’t posted anything for quite a while, I though I would share my latest camera.

    2¼" x 2¼" format (6x6)
    It has a tripod mount on the bottom and it will accept a cable release for long exposures. This camera has turned out to be one of the nicest that I have built, and somehow it took the least amount of time.

    I welcome any comments.
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    New Camera

    very cool cam, with lots-o-gadgets
    Where'd you get all the hardware? i.e. scrounged from ....?
    Overall craftsmanship looks very nice.

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    New Camera

    Thanks for the compliment.

    My 1st rule of camera fabrication is that you must have plenty of gadgets…or tape (duct or electrical); whichever holds the camera together the best.

    Most of the materials were purchased at a local hardware store. A few things I had in the pieces – parts bin. The shutter was made from 1”x 1” aluminum angle.

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    New Camera

    nice looking camera donb... looks like that shutter might owe a debt of design to MarkB's cameras... of course, how many different ways can one make a shutter!

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    New Camera

    You may be correct on this being MarkB’s shutter design. I have seen this shutter design somewhere on these forums.

    My original shutter design was almost identical except I was using aluminum flat stock with a hole drilled and tapped to fit a thumbscrew. This was not only easy to construct but it looked very cool. The problem was…if I wasn’t careful, I would easily bend the shutter. So once I seen a better way making the shutter (out of aluminum angle for a bit more rigidity), I thought I would give it a try. Plus I added the guide you see on the left, to help prevent bending over a period of time.

    So far this is my second camera I have built using this design, and they seem to work very well. I still run the risk of bending the shutter at the mounting point, but overall, far stronger than before. If I end up making another camera with this type of shutter, I will more than likely use a stronger metal.

    Thanks to MarkB on a great idea!!!

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    New Camera

    Very nice looking camera. If it's possible can you show some picture of the inside, that's will be great !

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    New Camera

    You did a great job on this camera!! What kind of wood did you use?

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    New Camera

    A great design and nice construction.
    Is the back fixed?
    I like the two knobs, I assume this is so you can re-wind a bit if you over shoot the number; what a good idea!

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