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Thread: new 8x10 field camera

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    new 8x10 field camera

    ...then flimholders, of some sort. Bookform probably, as they're the easiest to build with cave tools...
    Erie, can you give us more detail on your plans for film holders? I've given them some thought, and I always get back to the point where you need a felt light trap in the darkslide slot. I've made a crude filmholder out of 1/4" thick black foamcore board, but the darkslide is designed not to come out; in its extended position it serves to fill the slot as a sort of light seal.

    Obviously a better solution is needed, and one of the reasons why I went with a falling plate design for my pinhole cameras - but that way isn't as accurate, focus-wise, so it won't work well with glass-lensed cameras. I must admit that I use 4x5 film holders in my latest pinhole camera, but I have ambitions for 8x10 with improvised lenses, and I can't justify paying $70 a pop for film holders.


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    new 8x10 field camera

    I picked up a surveying tripod years ago and finally figured out a way to mount something on it - a big 35 or 40# capacity head, name forgotten, with rather strange mechanics.

    I didn't think about indoor use on a hard floor. It has pointy metal triangle feet to bite into the ground.

    On a hard floor this is a problem, and there is no way to keep the legs from sliding apart (chain, perhaps). Maybe this forces the surveyor one to outdoors and the Samson to indoors. I know they survey on streets & sidewalks...but I'm nervous about it falling with no leg stops.

    ULF filmholder: I haven't figured it out yet, but I'm thinking single holders made by sandwiching two pieces of glass, anti-reflective on front, regular at back. Yeah, bookform sounds good. Keeps film flat. The AR glass supposedly works as anti-Newton's-ring glass. Yes, it's pricey, but far less than ULF filmholders. Glass offset of focus is one issue. (second piece in front of ground glass to offset same amount?

    glass-film-glass sandwich slips into some kind of slotted light tight wood sleeve.

    Maybe easier said than done.

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    new 8x10 field camera

    I considered fingerstock, til I priced it, but I'll give you a hint,

    Have you ever taken apart or replaced the light trap on a Hasselblad film back? a piece of folded metallized mylar with some foam inside to provide tension.

    Nearly every hardware store has V weatherstripping, made of a plastic material with adhesive on one half. Folds into a V, obviously.

    Nearly every hardware store also have foam weatherstripping of various sizes.

    Krylon makes Fusion paints, which do stick quite well to above weatherstripping.

    put the 4 together and tell me what the logical conclusion would be...

    Murray, dolly, with rubber tipped screws for final position locking (or locking casters) 3 pieces of 2x2 maple, ash, cherry, 2 pieces of 1/2" plywood, some carriage bolts and wheels and screws of your choosing (or scrounging) Cost should be under $20, you could even make pockets for the feet to drop into, or alternately crutch tip type rubber thingies...


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    new 8x10 field camera

    I might also add that velvet ribbon works far better than felt, and will take up / crush more.

    Also, $70 for an 8x10 filmholder? I just bought 7 fidelity elites for $210, of course I sold them at a profit, to fund my habit. I prefer the wood holders myself, cheap (less than $15 at the most, often less), repairable, and the light trap is easily gotten to, so as to replace the felt with velvet.


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    new 8x10 field camera

    Murray, something someone just brought to my attention,
    could be used in a way similar to the sinar film holders.


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    new 8x10 field camera

    Do you have a sourch for hardware for the camera you produced? I have a burke&james 11X14 with a missing extention rail. I thought about building on, but do not know where to find a similar gear track for the sides. also a 1/4" screw thread sockets for attaching to a tripod for several pinhole cameras I am making? any suggestions helpful..



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    new 8x10 field camera

    That Post-It stuff DOES leave a residue, at least the aerosol does.

    Thanks, though

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