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Thread: More habaneros

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    More habaneros

    Here's the beginning of the threatened stereo images. Even with my old eyeglasses prescriptions, it's so much easier to integrate these. I can't wait to get the new glasses.

    This is one of the more fun stereo images I've done.

    Stereo Populist. Two .15mm pinholes 24mm from side by side 24x36mm trames on ISO 200 film. About thirty seconds. Set up for crossed eye viewing ( )

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    More habaneros

    Very fun! The stereo effect is so cool.

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    More habaneros

    Nice background

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    More habaneros

    Cool stereo of little balls of fire.

    That background is quite appropriate.

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    More habaneros

    Ooooh, very nice. Habaneros are my dogs' second favorite chili. (I can't explain it - our primary dog has a huge jones for hot foot, always has, although he prefers the tiny Thai chilies to habaneros. Our secondary dog is into chilies solely because the primary dog is...)

    I've never been able to do the eye cross thing to get a stereo image. I wonder if I should print them and try them in front of the dogs?

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    More habaneros

    Nice one, Nick.
    Although the subject is mainly in a 2-D plane, the peppers really pop out from the background. I would never have though to set up a stereo shot like this. Kudos!

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    More habaneros

    Very nice Nick - I just got a toy stereo pinhole camera from Japan - looking forward to giving it a try!

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    More habaneros

    Lovely picture Nick!

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