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Thread: 400mm single element lens and 8x10

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    400mm single element lens and 8x10

    Been playing with the selective focus I get from my homemade 400mm single element lens on my "new" 8x10 camera. Printed on Fomatone MG Classic Bayrta and toned in Selenium 1+3. My scanner seems to make everything brown look more pink that it really is. The final tone is more of a chestnut color.

    Used Arista APHA lithographic film and developed in 1:200 Rodinal plus some restrainer.

    Lens is 400mm, f-10. Made a lenscap from tinfoil and used it as the shutter for this exposure. Attached files

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    400mm single element lens and 8x10

    Nice photo! I like the pose and the background elements. What was your developing time on the negative?

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    400mm single element lens and 8x10

    This was done with "Galliol" ( so it is develop by inspection.

    But as a general rule, the half dozen or so negatives I've made this way end up with between 7 and 7 1/2 minutes in the developer.

    As to the pose, the key instruction was "just make yourself comfortable..."! Exposure was either 3 or 6 seconds (not sure now which of two negatives this is). But setting up and composing took several minutes. Still don't have a large enough darkcloth for this camera. Must ask Santa!

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    400mm single element lens and 8x10

    Nice work, RW. I've toyed with APHS but without restrainer it's way too contrasty. I'm going to have to try Jim Galli's recipe, your results are very encouraging!

    I like the look of this lens, and the off-axis soft effects are perfect for portraits of this kind. I would bet this print looks even nicer in person.


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    400mm single element lens and 8x10

    very impressive result. may i ask what type of 'new' 8x10 you were using?

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    400mm single element lens and 8x10

    Improved Seneca View, probably made after 1922 but I have the feeling that it has been modified over he years and contains parts from at least one other camera. The way the rear extension rail was modified makes me think it spent a good portion of is life as a studio portrait camera.

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    400mm single element lens and 8x10

    Nice image! Relaxed pose and a nice "old-lens" look. I like Jim Galli's portraits and this has a similar feel to it.

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