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Thread: Venice

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    I also was there, saw the oil, saw things floating, saw precious places, knew charming people, it is a pity for me to get lost so much of the Venice ... for critical news and esthetic report number 1 and 3. Number is 5 very nice.

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    Thank's for your comments, it's help me to make a choice.

    No 6 sight on Venice of the Giudecca.

    No 7 morning quietude

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    Love the lam post, that's my fav. so far. That "cross hairs" composition really makes it.

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    Very nice work... I think I prefer #5 and #6 the most, but #1 is also very strong.

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    I like the first ones best, it talks about life in Venice. Although that last one appeals to me too. I like the opposite side of the street projecting onto the house fronts. Regular houses.
    The rest is very nice, the lamp-post the water fronts and bridges... But that's it for me, just "very nice".

    I find them in general very dark, hard to make out what I see on screen eventhough it's almost at the brightest level and the gamma is correct.
    Is it meant to be that dark or is it something to do with the way our screens are set?

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    I go for # 1 and # 6, Both are marvelous images of Venice. Just an humble opinion. Thanks for posting all of them. delio

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    these image are really was taken early the morning a I would respect this ambient.

    No 8 : Reflection on Venice

    No 9 : The Queen of the Seas in the canal of the Giudecca.

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    excellent pair!

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    dark is good !!!

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    A little more dark...San Michele :

    No 10 :

    No 11 :

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