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Thread: LUBBITEL 4x5 camera

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    LUBBITEL 4x5 camera

    Hello everyone.

    I've just started making a 4x5 "point and shoot camera" with a hyperfocal lubbitel lens.
    I am puzzled because the focal lengh of a lubbitel lens is 75mm but on my focusing screen that I made the best focus image I get is with the lens at about 40mm.
    Could anyone tell me why this is?
    Also what kind of coverage will I get on a sheet of 4x5 film with a lubbitel lens.

    If anyone wants to email me to let me know I am


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    LUBBITEL 4x5 camera

    hey, sorry the lens is from a lubbitel 166b that takes 120 film.

    I took the shutter and lens off to make a slit camera.

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