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Thread: Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

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    Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

    Two more 24x24mm matchbox pinhole shots.

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    Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

    The second one, with the frost, is amazing -- once again, it's hard to believe that came from a 24x24 mm negative; it's closer to what I expect from 6x6 cm format.

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    Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

    I agree on both counts...
    the image quality is wonderful for the 24 sq format
    and the second image is excellent in it's own right

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    Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

    I am starting to understand that the perception of sharpness is related to the amount of detail that our eyes are accustomed to. The closer you get to your subject with a small format pinhole camera, the 'sharper' your images are perceived. Medium format cameras (with somewhat 'normal' focal distances) are probably the most versatile, and very large format pinhole cameras are probably best at the landscape stuff. Nice images, alspix. By the way, is your name Al?

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    Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

    Earl - I hadn't thought about that, but I think you're right. I've noticed that low-res digital images look OK if they are closeups where the detail we expect to see is large compared to the pixel size, but landscapes that have lots of really fine detail look much worse because the detail we expect is smaller than the pixel size. Substitute circle of confusion for pixel size and the same ought to hold true here. Looking at the background in #2 the sharpness is much closer to what one would expect from 24x24.

    Still pretty amazing from a camera made from a matchbox. This makes a Pintoid look big by comparison.

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    Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

    Perhaps a test is in order, though I'm not sure quite how to do it! A small picture is placed very close to the camera. An enlargenment of the same is positioned at a distance, but scaled so that when viewed in perspective it is the same size (you know what I mean?). Then take a pinhole shot of the scene and compare the near/far image for sharpness.

    I guess the picture could just be some thin lines printed on a small piece of paper for the close up, then painted on a very large sheet in the distance. Not sure how you do the calcs, I guess someone who makes zone plates would though!

    And yes, it's Al ;-)


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    Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

    that frost shot is the one. i have been think about doing some closeup work with the pinhole. thanks

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    Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

    Great job on both, especially the flare on the first, and of course that gorgeous frost. I haven't yet taken advantage of the depth of field of the pinhole as much as I would like to.

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    Matchbox Test - 2 more shots

    Flare is so unpredictable, yet Willem has similar flare on some of his recent posts...interestingly similar, which makes me wonder what characteristic has that 'signature'...both brass pinholes, both laser-in-stainless, who know's?

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