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    The triptych is very interesting; it seems to progress from orderly (or figurative) to disorderly or abstract. I also like the vertical orientation, seems to work well for internet display, and it invites being 'read' as one would text, in sequencial order, implying some narrative. Well done.


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    The second and third of the triptych bring to mind the work of the late great Ralph Eugene Meatyard.

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    Excellent work!

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    The dining table shot has very dynamic composition, and the idea of tossing up the camera it's very funny (i wonder what you could get in color).

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    So the other day when we were at the Annie Leibovitz and Ansel Adams exhibits you made the comment that I seem to like the more abstract photographs. This triptych, to me, illustrates why. I think that within an artist's body of work (or in your case these three images) it is really interesting to see where an artist started and where he ended. You started with an image that had a clear, identifiable subject, you. Next, you added a background which looks like our backyard, again something that I (or others) can identify, trees are pretty recognizable. Although your face isn't as recognizable as it was in the first photograph I can still make out the faint shape of a person's head and his hoodie. The third image is the most different of the bunch but I like it the most because it still shares some common ground with the first two. The range of black is still the same although compositionally things have changed slightly.

    In the first two images the black areas were a source of gravity for the image. This gave the viewer an understanding of what she was seeing. The third image is turned upside down which disoriented me, but i think because the composition was generally the same it was easier for me to understand the image.

    Back to the exhibit. When I look at a group of similar images, the abstract ones stand out the most because I think abstracting an idea involves more creativity because it forces the artist to construct an image that doesn't look different from the rest but at the same time offers a completely new take on the subject.


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    It's pretty cool to have your kids posting replies to your images on f295. That happens to me once in awhile, also. I really like the tryptich, Mark - I might have to try some of that camera in motion stuff.

    Do you think it would work with 8x10 cameras?

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    Yea, cool. Particularly since she's in Seattle and I'm in Egypt. Thanks to f295 for offering such a convenient forum. One piece of advice, if you throw your 8x10 into the air throw it to the side, not directly overhead. Or wear a hard hat.

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    Quote Originally Posted by earlj
    Do you think it would work with 8x10 cameras?
    Can I photograph the lump on your head please?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkB
    in the third I tossed the camera up in the air
    This says a lot about the build quality of your cameras, Mark. I'm sure none of mine would stand up to it! It is great to see someone trying such unusual techniques - with superb results.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkB View Post
    I was running a test roll through a Cameo 625 that I've just finished. At the end of the roll I was goofing around and shot these 3 images. The first is a pan... me rotating while holding the camera steady relative to my face (more or less steady)... in the second I am bringing the camera closer to my face throughout the exposure... in the third I tossed the camera up in the air with the shutter open (I think some of the final image is made from light reflected from me). Tri-X. Scanned (3 negs composited in the computer). Some cropping and curve adjustments made.

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    #3, your best work!

    Actually i like it a lot.

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