View Full Version : pictures from a kalograph tape

02-15-2010, 07:32 AM
So I was at the thrift store..... (this is how a lot of my posts start) I bought a Kalograph Tape printer kit made in 1973 by the WH Brady Co. What this thing is a bunch of rolls of some sort of photosensitive tape, sealed in little foil packages. There is a big machine that basicly takes a negative image of whatever message you want to print on the tape and exposes it onto the tape with a flash, then the machine spits it out. These tapes are suposed to print all different colors like kelly green on yellow and blue on silver and so forth. Smells like a box of old darkroom stuff. Kind of like a photographic version of a dymo label printer.

I have been looking for any kind of information I can find about it but it seems there isnt much to be found. But what i have found out is, it is a dupont dylux emulsion. It develops under uv light.... I guess they use some kind of dylux paper for proofing before taking things to print in a printing press nowdays. What all that means i dont know but it is a start.

I am wondering what I can do with all of this. I was thinking of taking the tapes and cutting them up and making a collage of them and then doing contact prints from B&W negatives???? really I am sure there are alot of possibilites, but i dont know where to start.

However, it does occur to me that this stuff expired about 40 years ago.... but it is worth a shot
How does this stuff develop, what is it made of, is it toxic, what kind of process is this???

any advice??