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Thread: Belated 10th Anniversary

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    Belated 10th Anniversary

    This would have been more appropriate if I'd posted it on June 10th, the 10th anniversary of f295, but the original file was lost in my great hard drive crash of 2007 and the post itself was lost with the rest of the archive in 2005.

    This morning for some reason I noticed a link I had to the Pinhole Gallery ( )and wondered if that were still a going website. Of course, had to check out what I had submitted, and lo and behold, I found these three images.

    This was the first post on f295. I had done these three similar photographs and posted with the title "Doncha hate when this happens?" and bemoaned the fact that I had these three negatives and couldn't decide which was the keeper. If I recall, the response was neither could anyone else, but they kind of liked it as a triptych. I'm not sure this was the order they were in, but this seems to work.


    All three with a .5mm pinhole 125mm from 4x5 Ilford Multigrade III RC Rapid (I still have the box).
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    I think that the sequence order works for me, I go from the dark to the light with the pattern sending me up and down.

    Cheers -


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    I remember the image. I stumbled on to f295 on June 12, 2004, so I wasn't quite a charter member. I still like the site and this image 10 years later.
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